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Chapter 15 of The Story by Max Lucado is filled with action, drama, and the ongoing efforts of God to work through the nation He created to accomplish His will.


When God’s effort was subverted, He spoke to the people and the leaders through prophets. You will meet the prophets Elijah and Elisha who did dramatic things to encourage God’s people to follow His ways.


God used the Prophets to reveal His will and encourage the people and leaders to do what God intended.


You will encounter some of the most famous stories and quotes:

  • Elijah’s encounter with the priests of Ball.

  • The transfer of leadership from Elijah to Elisha.

  • Granting the Shunammite woman a child and then bringing the child back from the dead.

  • The revealing of God’s Army come to defend Elisha. (Page 212)

  • The powerful words of some of the Prophets of God – Amos and Hosea.


This Sunday we will explore "How God seeks to Communicate With us Now" that the age of the Prophets is completed.


Your Journal Questions to help you connect and use the truths of God’s Story:

  1. What did you learn about God, yourself, or others in this chapter?

  2. How do the events in this chapter related to the overall Story of God’s pursuit and redemption?

  3. What do you struggle to understand or embrace from this reading?

  4. What is a one or two sentences summary of this chapter.

  5. Write out a prayer to God for appreciation or petition.

  6. How does this chapter point to Jesus or challenge you to be more like Him?

  7. Is there something you learned that needs to be shared with others?


The Whole Family. The Whole Bible. Together in The Story.


Enjoy your reading this week!

Dr. Glen R. Basey

Winter Snow
Ski Resort Landscape


"Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.” -1 Kings 19:11

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